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Supporting Startups

Headquartered in Boston, Neltner Labs provides deep multidisciplinary expertise to support startups by filling in gaps in expertise present on many small teams so that you can focus on building your business.

Our firm specializes in engineering complex systems incorporating electronics design, instrumentation development, materials science, nanotechnology, chemical engineering, systems engineering, mechanical design, and machine learning.

Brian Neltner has been working as a consultant for a decade on a wide range of projects and has founded and worked at startups in fields ranging from batteries to biochemicals, sensors, and medical devices. Other consultants on the team provide many more decades of cumulative experience in electrical engineering, firmware development, mechanical design, prototype development, and machine learning.

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We at Neltner Labs know that finding the right technical consultant to support your cutting-edge startup is critical to your success. With our experts we can provide technical services in a wide range of fields, so book a phone consultation today.

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