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Brian Neltner, Ph.D. and Neltner Labs provide deep multidisciplinary expertise in Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Product Development, Electrical Engineering, Machine Learning, Instrumentation Development, and Systems Engineering to help you focus on building your company.

Brian has worked for startups including Siluria, Ambri, and Visolis and has been providing technical consulting services since 2008. He has been awarded both Phase I and Phase II SBIR awards for his work.

Brian received a Ph.D. from MIT in Materials Science and Engineering and completed a Post Doc in Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

He was most recently the Director of Catalyst Development at Visolis in Berkeley, CA where he managed a team to successfully produce and scale production of key industrial chemicals from biomass. In this role he wrote and was awarded one Phase II SBIR award and assisted with writing numerous other Phase I and Phase II awards, as well as working closely with National Labs. In this role and prior work, Brian developed high pressure laboratory scale chemical reactors, developed automation tools, and designed control electronics.

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