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New LEDEngin LZ7 LED with Artwork

This demonstration uses a prototype seven color LEDEngin LZ7 LED with red, amber, green, cyan, blue, violet, and white LED dies for illuminating artwork, along with a Fraen FXCM-7-H specialty color mixing optic. I am considering it for replacement of my old Ultraluminous Illuminator, a specialty LED light intended for use with artwork.

In this demo, violet is disabled, so blacklight effects are not present, but you can see excellent amber reproduction, and good overall color uniformity from the optic. No visible fringes from LED spacing, and although there is a small hot spot in the video, it is not noticeable to the eye.

Overall, the brightness of this single LED solution is slightly less than my existing system, but instead of consuming about 4.4W with blue active, the new design uses only 2W to achieve nearly the same brightness level. The use of a single LED also vastly simplifies color uniformity and lamp construction, which will make this a much less expensive system as compared to the old light.

For testing, I simply placed the LED roughly where the old LED array is mounted pointing downwards. This system is using my newly implemented CIE LUV based full color correction and gamma correction algorithm to do a color wheel, while the old system randomly shifts between different LEDs to show the full range of interesting transitions between different wavelength combinations.

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