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Simulator for Psychadelic Mode!


We’ve created a simulator for your computer of what flicker phosphene induced optical illusions look like!

To get a sense of what the full effect looks like with the neurolyzer table, imagine the patterns that appear here changing shape and color over time. For a more complete explanation of the effect, please visit our much more technical post by Michael Rule.

To use, just make it full screen and put your face as close to your computer screen as you can!

WARNING: Epilepsy Hazard! Do not play this video if you or anyone around you has or might have photosensitive epilepsy!

If you can’t play the video fullscreen through Vimeo, you can download the file directly and play it on your own computer.

If you’d like to try this out on your own with more variation in strobing rate, please consider helping us fund making enough of these to distribute them at a low price to the world!